Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not your everyday knot...

The infamous Slip Knot.

This knot is used to start any crochet or knitting project. I thought I knew this one but it turns mine wouldn't slip. So, here it is:
Lay out yarn over your fingers with tail end away yarn end toward you.

Grab the tail and place it over top of the yarn, towards you.

Use pointer finger and thumb to go through the loop and grab (yarn ball) yarn.

Pull on ends of yarn to tighten.

Take loop and place over needle.

Now you are ready to start your project!
There are other ways to start crochet and knitting projects like the magic circle or long tail cast on but I just wanted to get started with the basics.


ps. This beautiful yarn was sent to me in my Phat Fiber Box! I was so thrilled when I saw this colorful sample from Desired Haven Farm called Spring Day. More samples and fun things to do with them coming soon!!!

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