Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry for the delay! (we have been busy!)

Introducing... Drummond!

I was so excited to get him...

I forgot to take any pictures until he was all dirty! You know how boys are...

So, as soon as I get it together I will have pictures of our first batts and yarns!


ps. wool washing stories and pics to arrive soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

get ready to welcome Drummond...

... the Drum Carder to the family...

He arrives tomorrow!!! I can't wait to introduce you!

Leslie & Spinderella

Monday, October 19, 2009

My first Trade Show!

Earlier this month I got a note on my front door... my apartment complex was planning a Trade Show for it's residents. Well, now that I am a budding entrepreneur I got a little excited. I could use some practice for future shows, right? So, I went ahead and signed up. I continued to make and list yarn on my Etsy shop. And... I started labeling and packing up the yarn for the show. Here is a picture of me preparing for the show...

Everything was going smashingly! Until... the hour before the show... I was gathering all the goodies together when I decided I just wasn't going to go! I really freaked out! I mean who wants yarn? Won't people look at me like I am crazy? Then I remembered, I want yarn! I am crazy! So we packed up the truck and drove over to the gym where the show would be held. I was still totally freaked out! I set up my table and Spinderella (my wheel), of course. Here is a pic of the table with the yarn, fiber and candy all set up.

Now, the show was about to begin... I sat down and started spinning. Guess what? I felt completely relaxed! Just like always! And then a beautiful thing began happening... people came into the gym and walked directly to me! Oooh's and aaah's abounded! It was super fun! I didn't even care if I sold any yarn. It was just so fun to watch everyone get so excited about yarn! In the end I did sell a yarn to a lovely lady. She was purchasing for her daughter-in-law... a future fiberista! All in all, it was a great day! Can't wait for my next show!

Fiber hugs!
Leslie & Spinderella

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October has become one of my favorite months!

I have always preferred the spring... until this year. So much fun stuff has happened this October I can't help but call it my favorite month of this year!

My new work schedule started this month... I got to spend a week at the beach spinning and knitting... I am having the GRAND OPENING of my shop this month... I sold yarn to France... this weekend will be my first "trade show" (more about that later)... I got a great deal on a drum carder this month (much more about that later)...

So many fabulous things are going on this month! Now, I want to share some of my fabulousness with you! If you follow my blog this month you will be entered to win a (obviously) fabulous prize!

And, don't forget to drop in my shop. I am offering FREE SHIPPING for the entire month of October!

Have a fluffy day!
Leslie and Spinderella

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I sold yarn to France!

I have spent the past week in Laguna Beach, Florida knitting and spinning and playing on the beach. What a great week it has been! One of the most exciting moments for me was when we came in from the beach and I saw that I had sold a yarn! It was a yarn I had spun the day before while enjoying the view of the ocean out the window. What a life! And to top it off... I sold the yarn to a lady in France! France of all places... isn't that like the world fashion capitol? Well, I was excited! Here are some pictures of the yarn I sold... to France!

I did also make some other yarns that France hasn't gotten a hold of yet so... check out my shop!

Leslie Cooper and Spinning Spinderella

ps. I am having a GRAND OPENING SALE in my shop... FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ITEM!!! So, load up!