Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One row too far...

Last night, after a completely unproductive day with a migraine, I decided to do a little knitting. Yesterday was the one week one day marker in my knitting story. I have been practicing stitches like a mad woman. I even did a little swatch to check out the pattern I wanted to try on my first project... a scarf. I had it down... knit, knit, knit through the back, purl, knit, knit, knit through the back, purl, etc. I finally felt like a knitter! I had found my rythem! And then it happended... I knew I was feeling sleepy. I told myself, "One more row!" And then I did it. I dropped a stitch. At the end of the row I had 29 instead of 30! I dragged myself off to bed where I proceeded to beat myself up for at least 30 minutes before I finally fell asleep. Guess what my first thought was when I got up this morning? What will I do? I have heard that fixing knitting mistakes is almost impossible. Well, I am going to give it a shot. I think I can see where the accident happened. I am going to fix the problem. I will not let myself give up and start another project. I will not unravel the whole thing. I will figure it out!

Wish me luck!


ps. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated!!!


  1. well how did your knitting character turn out? I have a terrible time working backwards and keeping things the way they should be- and I either give up, or frog it! Let's see how you are doing!!! Smooches from the sheep!

  2. you've always had the bad habit of going just a little too far, haven't you?

  3. Oh, no problem! It's easy to fix a dropped stitch. The important thing is to work slowly and not panic. If it really is just dropped and you can see it hanging out several rows down, you can grab it with your fingers or the tip of your knitting needle or a crochet hook and gently weave it in and out up through the rows it's fallen down until you get to the top. Then take your work off the needles until you get to that point in the row, slip the stitch on, and slip all the rest of the stitches back on. If it's not really dropped but you accidentally decreased somewhere... Gently slide your work off the needle so you have lots of little loops at the top. Slowly and gently, pull so that you unravel just the top row. Then count your stitches, and see if you've got the right number again. Keep doing this one row at a time. Once you've unravelled enough rows that you have the right number of stitches, slip the whole thing back on your needle, and you're good to go! (I hope that made sense, knitting can be kind of hard to describe sometimes. If you have questions, feel free to convo/email me.)