Saturday, October 10, 2009

I sold yarn to France!

I have spent the past week in Laguna Beach, Florida knitting and spinning and playing on the beach. What a great week it has been! One of the most exciting moments for me was when we came in from the beach and I saw that I had sold a yarn! It was a yarn I had spun the day before while enjoying the view of the ocean out the window. What a life! And to top it off... I sold the yarn to a lady in France! France of all places... isn't that like the world fashion capitol? Well, I was excited! Here are some pictures of the yarn I sold... to France!

I did also make some other yarns that France hasn't gotten a hold of yet so... check out my shop!

Leslie Cooper and Spinning Spinderella

ps. I am having a GRAND OPENING SALE in my shop... FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ITEM!!! So, load up!


  1. It's beautiful! No wonder the French had to have it. I love this yarn. Hope I can learn to spin like this.

  2. I am really glad you sold some yarn to France. I live there and spin and we are starved of decent rovings, and convenience things like pencil rovings, and some prices are so high that buying from the states is a good option. There has not been one item of fibre for sale in France on Ebay for weeks. I have to buy most of my material from the UK or USA, and sometimes it is hard to persuade sellers, especially in the UK to even send things TO France - mad really. I have bookmarked you and will put a link on my blog later:

    I am on Ravelry as LibellulaGlass

    Good luck with your business.