Thursday, October 15, 2009

October has become one of my favorite months!

I have always preferred the spring... until this year. So much fun stuff has happened this October I can't help but call it my favorite month of this year!

My new work schedule started this month... I got to spend a week at the beach spinning and knitting... I am having the GRAND OPENING of my shop this month... I sold yarn to France... this weekend will be my first "trade show" (more about that later)... I got a great deal on a drum carder this month (much more about that later)...

So many fabulous things are going on this month! Now, I want to share some of my fabulousness with you! If you follow my blog this month you will be entered to win a (obviously) fabulous prize!

And, don't forget to drop in my shop. I am offering FREE SHIPPING for the entire month of October!

Have a fluffy day!
Leslie and Spinderella


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the shout out over at my place!I can't wait to get my yarn.My MIL was so excited about meeting you,I wish I could have been there with her so I could have seen you in action spinning!It has been a life long dream of mine to learn to spin.I hope by this time next year to be doing just that!I want to raise my own fiber animals,but keep changing my mind on which ones,I may have to have more than one kind!I have to get more set up on the farm before I get any,we have a ton of work still left on this old place!Gosh,I could talk all day about it but I don't know how big a space these comments give me.I was great "meeting" you!

  2. was at the show, enjoyed meeting you and learning about your spinning wheel and differet yarns. Keep going to the shows, think of next year and enter your craft at the State