Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1st Treasury!!!

The Etsy Treasury is a collection of collections picked by individuals who buy or sell on Etsy. The idea is to showcase favorite items or items within a theme. The treasury can then be used as a shopping guide for others! The lovely Barefoot Beadz on Etsy thought my "just peachy" yarn would fit right in with these finds.

I was SUPER excited!!! (as you can imagine...)

Have a fabulous day!

Leslie, Spinderella and Drummond


  1. Love her taste!

  2. So happy you made the page! Recognition is wonderful....and you seem so happy playing with the yarns. Must be a good fit!

  3. That is a very pleasant looking page... and it kind of reminds me of a song you wrote one time!

  4. hey... where's the update on the princess?