Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye bye baby Spinderella... Hello Princess Spinderella!

So, it seems I have been neglecting my blog... again... But, I have a (kind of) good explanation for that. I have been wheeless! And let me tell you, it wasn't a pleasant time! So the story goes... I found out about the Aura, Majacraft! It is "The Best Wheel EVER", co-designed by the lovely Poad's of Majacraft and Lexi Boeger (who just happens to be the author of my two favorite yarn books!!!) Now, in order to make this purchase I had to take a risk and sell my precious first wheel, the Louet Victoria, on Ebay. It was a really tough decision. She was my first after all! So, it turns out that the demand for this wheel was great! I contacted the fabulous Steph at WCMercantile in late April. (The wheel didn't even become available until May 1st! And, Steph already had these suckers on back order. Well, she shipped on June 10th New Zealand time. And to my amazement she arrived on Monday the 14th!!! Can you believe my luck! I was so happy! And here are a few pictures from our first day together! I guess in the rush to get here she got a little ruffled!When I opened the box though, she was pristine!
I was tickled to find out that my wheel was signed by Rob Poad (son of Glynis and Owen). Plus he is cute!
Then I realized the extent of the assembly process. Good thing I am good at putting things together. And, yes, I do follow directions, most of the time.
So, here she is... Princess Spinderella, she is all grown up and super fancy! And she glows like she is in love! Or... maybe that's me...
Another sweet treat is that each wheel is assembled and tested by one of the Poad's. I assume mine was tested by Rob and this is the yarn that he made. The first yarn made on my wheel was made by Rob Poad! I don't know why but it makes me feel special!
So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! I have also had some random weird stuff has been going on, but this is the most exciting! I am really getting to know her and starting to make some beautiful yarn! AND... BONUS... I AM GOING TO CAMP PLUCKYFLUFF IN JULY... IN ASHEVILLE... HOSTED BY ONE OF MY FAVORITE FIBERISTAS... ESTHER of JAZZTURTLE!!! It is going to be ONE AWESOME WEEKEND! And I get to stay with my bbff (best boy friend forever) in Asheville, NC! I am really excited!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Talk to you soon!

LC and Princess Spinderella

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