Friday, July 16, 2010


So, a couple of weeks ago I got to Camp Pluckyfluff in Asheville, NC with Lexi Boeger!!! Can you believe it? I didn't know how I was gonna make it through the class... I was sooooooo nervous. But, come to find out, Lexi is not only a yarn artist, author, spinning wheel designer, my yarn idol, etc., she is an amazing teacher! And my friend, Esther of JazzTurtle, was there to help out too!

Check this out! It is Spinderella's big sister! The prototype of my wheel (whom Lexi co-designed) the Majacraft Aura. I was a little starstruck...
Here I am doing some "crazy" carding on Lexi's Louet Classic Drum Carder. "Crazy" carding has now become one of my very favorite things to do!

Here Lexi is spinning her "crazy" carded batt into some delicious yarn!

Here is a picture of the whole group. We all had bunches of fun and laughed a lot.

Here are a few of the funky yarns I spun...

And then... Lexi signed my wheel!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you I was starstruck!
I have no idea if she wrote her name or Pluckyfluff but I still LOVE it!
So, that was my trip in a tiny little nut shell. I say that because most of what we did is super secret and you have to go to Camp Pluckyfluff to find out. And you can... Come with me to Camp at Lexi's Pad! November 6th and 7th, 2010 I will be attending my second workshop with Lexi at her home on the family vineyard. It will prove to be divine!

Fibery hugs to all!
Leslie & Spinderella & Hover Bunny -->

ps. to learn more about the bunny and see the crazy cat videos from my trip check out my other blog!

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  1. Congratulations! The wheel and the yarns and the class look like a blast!