Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You know that show Snapped...

... where a perfectly normal person snaps for no apparent reason? Well, I HAVE A REASON!!! I had my beautiful new wheel for LESS than two weeks when the drive band begins to break and eventually snaps!!! If I hadn't been so saddened by this I really might have snapped!
a little closer...

But, because of the workshop I am leaving for on July 8th I had to spring into action. And Steph of WCMercantile jumped right in to help me AGAIN! She had an email with an answer back to me in two hours. She contacted Majacraft in New Zealand and ordered me two new bands (one to keep on hand in case of emergency). Then the next day she emailed me with tips on what to do direct from Glynis Poad! If I "could either tie it or stitch it and that would fix it". At least until my new bands came in the mail... from New Zealand... So, I had my dad tie a knot as close to the end as possible and still hold. He made a VERY good knot but then the drive band wasn't long enough to fit around the most important, most innovative, reason I bought this wheel part! The modified double drive system with the tension adjust knob!!! I had to completely bypass it!

And you know there is a next... Next the drive band was too loose! So I adjusted the orifice height to the very highest. It was just pulling in too fast. I was trying to thread ply some yarn that I spun before the snap. I think I finally have it adjusted to where I can make a nice single. I will try again tonight.

I am really looking forward to when my new bands get here so I can continue to get to know my wheel the right way. I sure hope they make it before the workshop. It would be embarrassing to show up with my wheel rigged this way. :(

LC and my gimpy Princess Spinderella


  1. I called lexi yesterday and left a message, I'll try to get ahold of her today again. And there's no way you can use hemp or twine rather than the band?
    that doesn't work for my lendrum since it's a plastic band.. but I'm not sure what the majacraft is..

  2. So sorry about your new baby

  3. Esther--The drive band is Dacron.. not really sure what that is but it looks like it is made for some kite strings... so maybe I can get some? I might try the hemp or twine too. I just really hope I can get my hands on one before the camp! It is so close!!!

    Sister-- I know... it stinks like you know what!